Twitter User Asks People To Show How Middle Class They Are, The Responses Are Damn Relatable

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Growing up in a middle class family teaches a lot about life, especially how to live happily even with limited resources. The bitter truth is that even the government is not much worried about the middle class because it knows that the middle class people are the ones who will adjust somehow to whatever situation the face due to the policies made by the government.

Individuals from the middle class families develop some habits which may seem strange to the rich but for the middle class people, it is a way of life. We are talking about habits like cutting the cream tube in half in order to use the cream properly or pressing the toothpaste tube so hard that each drop of it comes out or saving the Rs. 5 coin which a person gets after completing a financial transaction.

There are many other habits which define a middle class family and recently a Twitter user asked the online users to describe that they are from middle class household without telling that they are from middle class household. In simple words, the online user wanted netizens to post photos which reveal that they come from a middle class family.

The tweet read, “Tell me you’re from a middle class household without saying you’re from a middle class household”.

We must admit that netizens made the optimum use of this thread by depicting every possible thing one can find in a middle class household. From cover on remote, TV and sofa to protect it from stains to squeezed tube of toothpaste and a particular design of spoon and slippers, each thing was mentioned. Here are some of the selected reactions from the Twitter users:
















Do you also have a way to tell that you are from a middle class family? Share it with us.

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