Odisha Woman’s Video Of Riding A Horse Wearing A Saree Is Going Viral, Twitter Showers Praises

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Women are no longer the weaker gender as they are breaking the stereotypes and doing things which nobody would have ever thought that women will be able to do. It is a common perception that Indian traditional dress saree should not be worn while riding a bike, riding a horse, etc. but a married woman from Odisha is proving all these perceptions wrong as she has posted videos of herself on YouTube in which she is seen riding a horse, driving tractor, Volvo buses, trucks, etc. while wearing a saree.

The name of the woman is Monalisa Bhadra and she is from the Jahal village of Jajpur district. Monalisa is a YouTuber who is being followed by 2.28 subscribers and as per the reports, she earns around Rs. 1.5 lakh per month by posting her videos. For her success on YouTube, Monalisa gives all the credit to her husband Badri Narayan Bhadra who is a creative director and a social worker as well.

Monalisa’s latest video in which she is seen riding a horse is already going viral and you must watch it to see how the women of today are breaking all the barriers and proving their worth.

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Twitterati also reacted in this regard and while some praised Monalisa, few were doubtful about the safety aspect while doing such activities wearing a saree. Here are some selected reactions:












Monalisa is an animal lover who not only feeds the stray animals but she also feeds monkeys daily and videos regarding it can be seen on her YouTube channel.

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