Woman Caught In A Racket & Tolerated It All To Live Her Dream Until One Day Changed Her Life

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A dream is not the one which we see while sleeping but it’s something that we see with opened eyes and it doesn’t let us sleep, just like this ambitious woman who wishes to become an actress but gets caught in a racket where she has to strangle her will every moment. She is compelled to follow the orders of others otherwise she is beaten black and blue but it’s creditable on her part that even in this situation, she has not lost the hope of fulfilling her dream.

She has not stepped out of the room for many days, hasn’t even seen sunlight, leave breathing fresh air but despite this all, she devices a plan to turn her dreams into reality. She asks every man who comes to her for pleasure to repair a tape recorder and starts a conversation in the course of which she gets to know about the routes, location of bus stands, railway stations and other such stuffs so that whenever she gets a chance to run away from the place where she has been held as captive, she brings all her knowledge into play and succeeds in escaping. Even though all the people who get to know about her dream mock her and ask her to stay in her limits, she doesn’t quit.

How she does it all and makes men fall in her trap is something you can’t miss to watch!!

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