Guy Gets 6 Unbroken Pieces Of Chips In Rs 5 Lays Pack With 40% Extra, Twitter Goes Crazy

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Potato chips are one of the most loved snacks all over the world and there are few multinationals including Lays which offer potato chips in different flavors. While Lays has a large variety of flavors, it is also criticized for providing less number of chips in a pack.

Recently, a guy took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and shared that he bought a Rs. 5 pack of Lays Classic Salted in which he got 6 unbroken pieces of chips. What makes it funnier is that the pack has 40% more chips written on it.

He also posts a photo in which six pieces of chips are seen lying on the bedsheet with the open pack of Lays and the caption of the tweet reads, “₹ 5 wale Lays mei 6 chips hai”.

Soon his tweet was outpoured with reactions, while many made fun of Lays, there were some who suggested the guy to buy chips from local shops instead of these branded ones and few users also had a problem with the person keeping chips on the bedsheet as it will make bedsheet dirty.

Here are some selected reactions:











Last year a person did an empirical analysis to find out which brand out of the three – Lays, Bingo and Haldiram gives minimum quantity of chips in Rs. 10 packet and the analysis showed Lays giving the minimum quantity of chips.

Here is the tweet made by the online user:

Though this analysis was challenged by many people on the basis of the fact that the weight written on all the packs is the same and some also stated that taste is inversely proportional to quantity.

What is your take on it? Let us know.

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