Biggest Confusion.5 Actresses with strikingly similar looks.

It is said that there are 7 people in the world with the same face, and the Bollywood industry made us believe in such stories. Many movies in Bollywood show the actors playing double roles.

Most of the time it is also seen that duplicates of actors mimicking their voices in comedy shows. For instance, you will be amazed to know that there was a reality show only for people who can mimic actors.

While finding similar faces is common, it is very rare to find similar faces in the Bollywood industry. Many actresses looked like a clone of other actresses.

Here we have created a list of actresses with strikingly similar looks and know the backstory of such similarities.

Twinkle Khanna – Raveena Tandon

Have you ever noticed that Twinkle Khanna and Raveena Tandon look the same many times? If not then this picture here gives you some ideas about their similarities.

The face cut and cheekbones make them look similar in the picture. These two things are the highlights and one notices it first to remember the face.

Well, there’s a little connection between them as well. It is not a blood connection at all. They both have dated Akshay Kumar. While Twinkle got married to Akshay Kumar, Raveena was famous in the 90s for her catfight with Shilpa Shetty over Akshay Kumar.

Raveena has done many films with Akshay Kumar including Mohra and Dava. In the Bollywood industry, Raveena was a more successful actress compared to Twinkle Khanna who was active in the industry as an actress for a while.

Katrina Kaif – Zarine Khan

It was in news headlines that Zareen Khan (The Actress of Veer) looks like Katrina Kaif. The whole buzz of the movie Veer was created on the face of Zareen Khan.

Well, Zareen is pretty gorgeous and attractive in other ways and her physical appearance is completely different from Katrina Kaif.

Still, there are some similarities in their faces. Again the face cut and cheekbones of both the actresses are the same which people look at first glance.

As we said, there’s a connection between these two actresses as well. They both established themselves in the industry because of Salman Khan.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Sneha Ullal

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sneha Ullal look like twin sisters and it was a news headline during the release of Salman Khan starrer Lucky.

While the actresses look different from their lips and face but, the eyes, cheekbones, and whole upper jaw of Sneha Ullal are strikingly similar to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

You can easily see that despite having different chin, how both the actresses look the same in the picture.

They both also share a connection and this is Salman Khan again. After the breakup with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Salman Khan found an actress who looks like her.

Years later he did that again when he broke up with Katrina Kaif and he introduced Zareen Khan in Bollywood from his movie Veer.

Sonakshi Sinha – Reena Roy

If you see Sonakshi Sinha then you find uncanny similarities of her face to Bollywood actress Reena Roy. It wouldn’t be a big issue if Shatrughan Sinha wasn’t involved with Reena Roy.

The whole industry knew about Shatrughan Sinha’s extramarital affair with actress Reena Roy. Even he has accepted that fact in many interviews.

It was also rumored that Sonakshi Sinha is the daughter of Reena Roy once only on the fact that her face is very similar to young Reena Roy from face cut to lips to eyes.

Even though these are just rumors, it is astonishing to see the similarities of their physical appearances.

Sridevi – Divya Bharti

Sridevi was the first female superstar of the industry and she was very famous for her beautiful face and chirpiness. Divya Bharti entered the Bollywood industry and took it by storm.

She did many hit movies but died in an accident. Her murder became a mystery. She fell from her building on the 5th Floor and died because of head injury.

Sridevi’s death also became a mystery as she died in a hotel room while she was in her bathtub. The forensic reports said that she died because of accidental drowning.

Their physical appearance might differ but they both have glittering eyes and voluptuous lips. This is the reason that she both looks the same in some of their photos.

However, Sridevi’s features were sharp compared to Divya Bharti’s features.

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