Bollywood Actresses Setting Example By Breaking Old Traditions

The Bollywood industry is famous for several things- the luxurious lives of stars, their love affairs, controversies and yes, breaking taboos! Especially, the Bollywood actresses -they are breaking the paradigm with not only their acting skills but by setting as the role model for many of us.

There are various instances when they truly acted as an eye-opener for society! Such as when Alia Bhatt featured in a very non-traditional role where she was represented as a taxi driver in a recent ad for MakeMyTrip.

There have been numerous other instances of leading ladies of B-town taking up roles that are not only women-centric but also roles which are ‘Hatke’.

These strong portrayals by actresses prove that a film can do equally well with a strong female protagonist. There are many orthodox in the society, and somehow our Bollywood “Heroines” are not taking these rules any seriously.

Apart from this, today we have gathered a list of such events where the Bollywood actresses broke taboos and emerged as our role models:

Pregnant Model in Ramp walk

Kareena Kapoor is one of the boldest and finest actresses of the Bollywood industry. Though she has always left the audience stunned with her awesome acting and mesmerizing beauty, the actress went on to break social norms as she walked the ramp with her unborn baby!!

She had the most “special” moment of her life as she walked the ramp for the first time after announcing her pregnancy.

The 34-year-old actress got emotional and said it will be a walk to remember for her as she and her baby took to the ramp together for the first time!! She decided to walk for designer Sabyasachi’s muse for his latest collection that brought the curtains down at the Lakme Fashion Week 2016.

Kareena looked extremely beautiful in the Sabyasachi outfit with her baby bump and was praised by the industry for not letting the pregnancy come in between her work.

Adult category as a career option

Girls are often objected to entering into the film industry where they have to reveal some parts of her body and look appealing to audiences. Nowadays, various women and girls come out of their shell to take the “Adult industry” as a career option. One of the examples of such an actress is Sunny Leone.

Though intimacy has now become an integral part of the movie and is considered normal, still the actresses who work in such movies are not able to enjoy as much fame as the other celebrities do.

But these bold actresses of Bollywood had turned down the audience by not letting such opinions come their way and chose the adult category as a career option.

So, girls like Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra have come up with their apps and entertained the audience in their ways. These beauties are proud of their bodies and don’t hesitate to come bare in front of the camera. This definitely breaks the custom chain that is so heavy in the name of decency.

Living unmarried

It is quite common when a woman enters her 30s with the tag of being ‘single’, she becomes a topic of national concern for everyone around. Whether she is independent, successful, or happy being single, it is never a concern for the traditionalists around.

Well, in a nation obsessed with TV and Bollywood stars, there are a few divas who are above 35 and are happily enjoying their ‘single’ status.

Each one of them has proved and established herself in the industry. The list includes Tabu, Rekha, Susmita Sen, and many more. These leading ladies have a beautiful and aspiring career as a Bollywood heroine but they lack interest in love life.

They just don’t want to get married. They are breaking one of the oldest taboos of that a girl must get married!!

Generation Gap in Love

We have recently witnessed many couples who found their love at later stages in life and that too with a person with a huge age gap. Though the wedding is the most extensive personal ritual an adult undertakes in his or her life.

But, in India, there is no greater event in a family than a wedding, dramatically evoking every possible social obligation, kinship bond, traditional value, impassioned sentiment, and economic resource.

Marriage is deemed essential for virtually everyone and is considered as the soul meaning for a woman’s life.

However, few Bollywood actresses broke all the norms of society to live a life in their way. A perfect example of the actress who broke the stereotype of marrying a person with a generation gap is Priyanka Chopra. She recently got married to Nick Jonas with a huge age difference of almost 10 years!!

 Accepting the Body type

Bollywood is an industry where you must have a sculpted body and great looks to be an actress!! Right? Well, no!! There has always been a tradition and a misconception that only slim girls are beautiful and attractive.

However, the Bollywood actress has defied this misconception by accepting their body type and has been doing great in the industry. Well, we do not have to worry anymore because the Bollywood industry is allowing actresses to be comfortable in their own skin!

Actress Vidya Balan said in her interview that, first she also thinks that slim girls will get more praise and happiness. But now she accepts herself the way she looks. 

She added, this fat is a part of my body and I have to accept it with confidence and be proud of my body. So, it’s the time when you stop thinking about dieting or hitting hard at the gym just to look pretty for others but start doing it for yourself.


This love affair gained immense popularity!! As everyone knows, Deepika had a serious relationship with her Tamasha Co-star Ranbir Kapoor once. She was madly in love with the actor and even got his initials RK inked on her nape. However, the duo broke up leaving the fans amazed and Ranveer came into the picture.

They fell in love on the sets of Ram-Leela and got married to each other. It is quite surprising that Ranbir and Deepika are still good friends. You will know why this is a big thing because they understand the deep meaning of the relationship.

If you are saying that Bollywood celebs are an exception then do some research. John and Bipasha don’t want to see each other. Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita had separated badly, and the list just goes on!!.