Breakups of Big Boss contestants

It is truly said that “True love is not only felt, but it’s also visible to the naked eye”. The Bigg Boss house is all about tantrums and love stories!!!! We all know that there are always some love birds inside the house whose love story brew as the episodes progress on. And in each season, we all have witnessed a lot of romantic connections inside the house out of which, some resulted in marriage, several caused major controversy, others collapsed out and a few ended on a sour note. So today, we have gathered a list of such Bigg boss house couples whose romance brewed but eventually ended and they parted their ways:

Srishty Rode and Manish Naggdev

Just like the unlike magnetic poles attract each other, similar is the case with love and so was this couple! Instead of being poles apart, they fell for each other. They had a four-year-long relationship and were also engaged and were madly and deeply in love with each other.8 However, things went sour between the couple and the duo broke up after Srishty came out of the house. The reason behind the same was said to be the involvement of the third person! Yes, it is rumored that the duo broke up because of Srishty’s growing fondness with her fellow Bigg Boss contestant, Rohit Suchanti.

Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel

The most sensuous couple in Bigg boss house was that of Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel who fell for each other inside the Bigg Boss house. They even dated for 3 years and were also a participant of Nach Baliye where on the show, Upen proposed to Karishma. The couple also hosted and judged MTV’s Love School together. However, things went sour and the couple separated. It is quite rare for celebrities to come out in the open about why a certain relationship did or did not work out. But, When asked Karishma about the same, she said, “Sometimes there is no answer to what went wrong. Sometimes two wonderful people or good souls are not meant to be together. That’s what happened to us.”

Benafsha Soonawalla and Varun Sood

Benafsha Soonawalla, Priyank Sharma, Varun Sood, and Divya Agarwal were in the news because of their relationships and changing equations. Priyank and Divya met on Splitsvilla and fell in love. But their relationship ended when Priyank entered the Bigg Boss house and got close to Benafsha. During that time, Benafsha was dating Varun but eventually, they broke up too after Benafsha was eliminated from the house. However, its Divya and Varun who are together now! Confusing right??

Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares

Bigg Boss 8 might not have been the most successful seasons of the series but it made headlines due to its contestants Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares who were assuredly the ‘mystery couple’ of the Bigg Boss house. Their ‘kiss’ episode inside the house went viral. It was clearly spotted in cameras of BB house when Diandra pulled Gautam into the bathroom since it was the only place where the cameras were not present and kissed him! However, with Diandra opting out of the show due to health reasons, their love story ended on a disappointing note. And in fact, post winning the show, Gautam regretted this ‘bathroom act’ by making a statement “It was a momentary impulse. It would be rude to reject a girl who kisses me. So I kissed her back” and even said that he would only marry the girl of his mother’s choice.

Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal

The duo rose to fame after they worked together in Splitsvilla and seemed pretty much in love with each other on the show as well. Though Priyank claims to have parted ways with Divya much before he entered the show, it is said that their relationship ended when Priyank entered the Bigg Boss house and became closer to ex-Roadies contestant, Benafsha Soonawalla.

Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli

During the stay in the Bigg Boss house, Tanisha and Armaan Kohli’s love story grabbed headlines. It was also rumored that Tanisha’s family want not-so-happy with this relationship. During the show, They once happened to lock themselves in the bathroom without their mikes, leaving the audience astonished. They weren’t even shy about discussing sex or getting intimate during the show!! Armaan had a major temper issue, despite which Tanisha managed with him. But post their breakup, Tanisha made a statement, “All I have to say is Armaan and I are very different people with different ideologies and I wish him the best. God bless him. Marriage is not a game. It’s not something you just fall into. We all are adults; we have to make intelligent decisions about our lives. As I said, Armaan and I are completely different people and our ways of living are very different.”

Prince Narula and Nora Fatehi

Nora, who entered the show as a wild card contestant in Bigg Boss 9 hit it off well with Prince and they were seen getting cozy on the show on more than one occasion. Their in-house romance made headlines when Prince almost proposed to Nora on national television. After winning the show, Prince went on to claim that they were dating each other. However, Nora denied the same. Remember the poolside date where we saw them indulging in some lovey-dovey talks, and Prince even kissed her. Well, the duo is said to part the ways as soon the show went off.

Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon

This famous couple met in the reality show Bigg Boss where they first became friends and then fell in love post this, they did a few more reality shows together and then finally parted ways after dating for around a year. It was quite shocking to see the couple separated since throughout the show, they were seen taking a firm stand for each other and confessing their feelings on the show they were popularly referred to as ‘Gaushal’ by their fans. After the show, they were featured in a music video called ‘Zaroori Tha‘. Gauhar even made a statement after their breakup, “I have always been dignified and have known where to draw the line. It was an amazing one-and-a-half-year of relationship with him and there is no bitterness from my side.” Also, it can be said that the end of their love story was not an abrupt one!!

Diana Hayden and Ashutosh Kaushik

Former Miss Universe Diana Hayden came inside the Bigg Boss house and made friends with the small town ‘Dhaba’ owner Ashutosh Kaushik, who had won that season of Roadies. The love blossomed between the two resulting in the late-night walks, the cute Hindi accent and the boy teaching the girl how to talk and behave, etc. However, once evicted, the beautiful Diana simply stuck to being ‘fantastic friends with Ashu’.

Sana Khan and Vishal Karwal

In Bigg Boss season 6, TV actor Vishal Karwal and rising actor Sana Khan were said to have a romantic angle. Sana Khan and Vishal were friends even before they came to the show. Their good looks and compatibility on the show made everyone believe that they were the next in the queue to make a hot couple. However, the story did not get much time to develop as Vishal got evicted soon.

Claudia Ciesla and Pravesh Rana

Pravesh was Claudia’s Hindi teacher in the Bigg Boss house. He taught her the language, sang her songs which then turned into a full-blown romance. Love knows no language indeed! However, after the show was over, the couple hardly interacted with each other. Was it love gone sour or just a publicity gimmick? What do you think?

Karishma Kotak and Vishal Karwal

When, even after trying for long, things didn’t match up with Sana khan, Vishal Karwal went on to develop a great companionship with Karishma Kotak. Although they didn’t share any intimate moments in the house, their mellow romance won the heart of the viewers and made us remember the childhood romance. Both Vishal and Karishma were tight-lipped about their relationship and sadly, this delightful couple parted ways after the show ended.

Rahul Mahajan and Monica Bedi

While Rahul was believed to be already in a relationship with Payal when he entered the show along with her, his priorities changed as soon as he met Monica Bedi in the Bigg Boss house. He ignored Payal and flirted openly with Monica. He even proposed Monica for marriage, which she rejected then and there!

Pooja Bedi and Akashdeep Saigal

Now, this couple is the one whose chemistry got intense. While every other couple seems a bit too dramatic and planted, this couple was seen flourishing organically. As beautiful the two of them seem, their thoughts are much more beautiful. They were even seen handing their breakup with maturity and were even seen holidaying and hanging out with each other. In fact, post their breakup, Pooja was quoted saying, “I share a good friendship with all my ex-boyfriends. Akash is a gentleman and a nice human being and we were together at the party because of the friendship we share. There is nothing more than that.”

Payal Rohatgi and Rahul Mahajan

Remember those never-ending back and foot massages inside the Bigg Boss house which Rahul Mahajan was famous for giving to both Payal Rohtagi and Monica Bedi? Alas, another love triangle!!! Rahul Mahajan was seen as if he was attracted to both of his co-stars Payal and Monica. But, what really caught the sight of the viewers’ was Payal and Rahul romancing in the pool. However, later on in the show, Rahul ended up proposing to Monica who turned him down. 

Sara Khan and Ali Merchant

Sara and Ali became the first couple in the Bigg Boss house to get married on national television!! The two were dating before entering the house and decided to get married after Ali proposed to her in Bigg Boss 4. However, Sara and Ali separated just 2 months after their marriage. Though several reasons have been cited as to why the couple, who did not look like they were in love while at Bigg Boss house, might have called it quits.

Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel

Remember those intimate champis that Veena Malik used to give to Ashmit Patel? Their budding romance inside the house used to be so distressing for the audience sometimes that it made harder to even watch the show!! And on top of that, besides their love chemistry, Sara khan was also seen a bit too friendly with Ashmit which added to viewers’ interest. However, Veena and Ashmit’s love story did not last long and the duo soon broke up.