Creative Resume of Super Talented Bollywood Characters.

The definition of talent shrank to just shocking the audience with creativity.


This is the reason that the Bio-data resume of famous Bollywood characters is roaming all around the internet.

While everyone is in search of a better job opportunity and often tries to make a good resume, some resume makers started taking it as a funny business when they have created a valid resume for famous Bollywood characters.

Here, we have shortlisted the 5 best resumes and it is up to you to decide which one is best among all.

Check out the creative resume of these famous Bollywood characters.

Uday Shetty

Uday Shetty is a famous character from the Bollywood movie Welcome. The character was reprised in the second part of the movie titled Welcome Back.

The character of Uday Shetty was brilliantly portrayed by Nana Patekar.

Did it ever occur to take a look at the resume of Uday Shetty? Well… he doesn’t need to work because he is a brilliant actor and a don as well.

Still, if he needs a job then he has many achievements, experience, references, and Passion as well.


Uday Shetty’s passion includes “Sadak Se Utha Hua Star”, “Kafi Failla Hua Business on the name of his sisters” and great convincing skills by saying, “Ye Raaz Bhi usi ke sath chala gaya”.

Furthermore, he has experience in Aloo Selling and Acting as well. Billu and Majnu are two great references.


Talking about Shyam who is an ideal job person. In the first movie Hera Pheri, he was searching for a job.

In the second movie, he was having a job but always regretted it because of the bad company he was involved in. He has done M.Com. He can mimic Kidnapper easily. He is the founder of ‘Kidney Me Heart Attack’.

Shyam got a reference from his friend named Kadak Singh and Anuradha.

The dedicated employee has all the positive signs of a good amiable employee that includes:


Respecting Bujurg (Babu Bhaiyaa Aap Bujurg Hai, Aap Andar Chaliye), having a sensitive heart (Kaan Mat Kheechna Naajuk Hai Wo Bechari), futuristic when signing papers (Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai), and of course Shakth Launda (remember the scene when Anuradha said Kya Mardana Chal Hai… to which Shyam replies Meri Ya Tumhari).


Raju is another famous character from Hera Pheri Series performed brilliantly by Akshay Kumar.

Raju is a planner and organizer that every company wants. His achievements include problem-solving techniques, he is a name finder and made the master plan (Chor Ke Ghar se Chori).

Raju has a certification from ITUS (International Talent of Ultimate Student). He has worked on the project of “21 Din Me Paisa Double”.


Raju lives with the philosophy of ‘Save Water Drink Beer.” He has experience serving as Joker R in the crime branch. Raju is also an investor in the Laxmi Chit Fund.

Baburao Ganpat Rao Apte

Baburao Ganpat Rao Apte is the owner of the Star Garage. He has a house in Kolhapur.

He is the party spoiler and Mast Joke cracker. His finest joke is, “Kyu wo 20 Lakh ke pass taxi rickshaw ke paise nahi jo ese chalke aayega. Hass re halkat hass.”

Baburao has a golden chasma which his friend sold without his permission. Baburao has two passions that include “Santre ki Bottle (Batli)” and “Game Bajana”.


His education is just Dopeher Tak in Marathi school.

His strength includes Honesty (When Goons left him with the open car he suggested they lock it), Mathematics, Singer (singing is necessary if you want to use the bathroom), and Dariya Dil Insan (getting eggs daily from the Pados Wali Murgi).

Jethalal Gada

Jethalal Gada is the owner of Gada Electronics. He has won the GPL (Gokuldham Premier League) while captaining the team.

Jethalal is also married to the 7th failed woman which he often said “Chup hoja Satvi Fail, Aye Chup Re Na Waidi”. His favorite movie and book are Padosan and The Girl Next Door respectively.

Jethalal Gada is a passionate Garba Dancer and Bathroom addict. His strengths include influencing nature (do Karwa Chauth fast for Babita Ji), management (managing the salary of Nattu Kaka and Baga on the same scale for more than 12 years), and being supportive to kids.


Jethalal got the reference from Sunderlal Topibaaz who is Jethalal’s brother in law, and his best friend Iyer Bhai. He worked with the philosophy of ‘Chai Piyo Biscoot Khaao, Chai Piyo Biscoot Khao’.


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