Memes on Masakali 2.0 remake are better than the song

Remix songs can never replace the original ones. Most of the remixes that are made these days always ruin the original songs and are a bad experience. Music directors while creating the remix songs just use the creativity of the original songs and disrespect the efforts that were actually made in making the song.

Today we are talking about the song Masakali 2.0 Which was actually featured in the movie Delhi 6.

Music director Tanishk Bagchi recently came up with the modified version of the original Masakali song after which it became a point of discussion on the internet. Tanishq was heavily slammed for the remix version of the song.

Songs original music composer AR Rahman director Rakesh Om Prakash Mera and lyricist Prasoon Joshi all were upset with the remix version and expressed their anger for it.

This is what AR Rahman has to say on the controversy

“No short cuts, properly commissioned, sleepless nights, writes and re-writes. Over 200 musicians, 365 days of creative brainstorming with the aim to produce music that can last generations. A team of a Director, a Composer and a Lyricist supported by actors, dance directors and a relentless film crew – Lots of love and prayers (sic),”

Masakali 2.0 stars Sidharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria and the original one stars Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor. This is not the first time Tanishk has done remix of original song he has made multiple attempts in the past.

He is remixing old songs since 2015. His recent remix versions include Aankh Mare and the Humma song.

Today in this article we are going to share some of the memes created and shared by users on the Masakali 2.0 Controversy.

You might not enjoy the song but you will definitely enjoy the means that we are going to share this article today so check it out.