Ratan Tata’s Heart Winning Reply After Being Called “Chhotu”

Ratan Tata is one of the best business tycoons we have in India and moreover he is well known for his kindness. He is a very humble person and even in his company he makes sure that his employees are getting the best work environment. Recently when his followers reached up to one million on Instagram, he posted a photo along with a note that said “Thank You” to all his followers. He wasn’t on any social media platform and last year he came active on it and started using Instagram from October month. His followers were happy as they got to know about his daily public and personal life now.

While he was happy and celebrating when he reached one million followers, he posted a video and shared his happiness. He also wrote in the caption that he was happy to have such a wonderful online family and this is not what he had ever expected when he joined Instagram. It was a milestone for him and he believes that in this age of internet such connections are required. He also shared how excited he was to know and learn so many things from this community and gave everyone his well-wishes in the end.

His post went viral overnight and his comment box was flowing with overwhelming responses. Amongst all this chaos, one user commented “Congratulations Chhotu” and added a heart emoji to it. This Instagram user was a girl and her name was Rhea Jain. The girl got attacked by Ratan Tata’s followers and they started trolling her and called her disrespectful and shameful. While everyone was going against her, she came and clarified that she used “Chhotu” like a delightful term as she thought of him as an idol for everyone in this country and it was just out of love and not as an insult.

As criticism over her use of that term wasn’t stopping, Ratan Tata took the matter in his own hands and responded to that comment. He said that there is a child in each and every one of us so we should treat this young lady with respect.

But later one that young girl deleted her viral comment as nobody stopped trolling her and this issue got bigger than it was. So again Ratan Tata addressed that girl in three of his Instagram stories and clarified the whole situation.

These are the following screenshots of his story that he added on Instagram to protect that girl from trolls.

Seeing Ratan Tata’s effort of protecting that girl from such trolls, people started appreciating him for his humbleness and really loved the way he managed the whole situation. These small actions say a lot about a man and we can surely figure out why he’s loved by all in India.