Times When Indian Television ran out of creativity

Bollywood is often criticized for copying a lot from Hollywood. We often see similar movie posters, recreated scenes, or even tunes that are easy to recognize at the first occurrence.

And this tradition of Bollywood is now getting popularity in the Indian TV industry as there are many copied characters we can see in TV serials. Earlier, artists used to get inspired by other artists. Nowadays, they just copy it. 

A little bit of copying works fine. Because, some pieces are not meant to be altered. But, that should be done in a relevant way of course.  

The Indian TV industry has been known to build entire storylines on one song from Bollywood. But, these days creativity means just brushing off some old dust off the songs. Some stole song titles for the show title while others stole almost half of the song as the title song.

The industry has also copied personalities from the big screen. But it seemed all okay because it still was relevant to the audiences. There were cultural similarities too but these days nothing seems logical. 

However, there is still some creativity left with the Indian TV industry. And they are using it to find new platforms to steal from. That’s how they got on to Hollywood. The results of it are both sad and hilarious. 

They have even stopped getting inspired. Maybe, they have discovered the ancient technique of copy-pasting. And, they are great at the one thing that they shouldn’t be good at.

Below are a few classic examples of not at all classic stealing from Hollywood.

1. When Rohit Khurana became the Jack Sparrow in ‘Har mushkil ka Hal Akbar Birbal’.

How thoughtful of them to put the legendary Jack Sparrow on this show. He would be so proud to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time with the completely irrelevant costume to the time. 

2. When Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki’ did a ‘300 look’ instead of 300 episodes

Well, it seems that all old people are the same for these people. They are not even taking efforts in the already researched fashion of that era. They even do not wish to twist it with their creativity.

Copying from 300 was the only thing left to do for the Mahabharata costumes in Ekta Kapoor’s serial.

3. When ‘Pyaar kii Ye Ek kahaani’ maker stole almost every possible thing

They not only stole the storyline from the twilight movie franchise but also made the male lead look like the deadly handsome Edward as well. Forcing things to this level is a little too much. 

4. When Raghu looked like Max Payne in pain

Raghu would have won the copying task if it was on roadies for this. Or maybe he is just used to twinning. 

5. When ‘Baal Veer’ ran out of costumes ideas

In this case, they were out of costume ideas completely I suppose. So, they had to steal one from the magneto. Not cool Baal Veer. 

6. When Khal Drogo made an unexpected visit 

Maybe someone told him that Dragon came to Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’s set with Khal’s Khaleesi. The look is so similar yet the charisma of Khal Drogo is completely missing. Maybe, it’s because he misses the Mother of Dragons. 

7. When C.I.D ran out of villain ideas

All episodes of this show are very identical to each other. So they decided to get something new. But that too was second hand. After 18 years of the same stuff, so nice of them to paint their villain once like Joker.

8. When children’s show stole from a cartoon movie

Baal veer people copied the witch from snow white to show it to the kids who are very likely to have watched snow-white too. What were they thinking? Well, the audience for both shows is the same. 

Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal”. We got a lot of great artists in the Television Industry if we consider the wise words of Picasso. Copying altogether is not a bad thing at all.

The world is what it is because people copied ideas and ways of living. But, also the world is what it is because new ideas were popping up too. 

But in the industry of storytelling, every story has to be told differently. They deserve that. And stories are unique because of their characters. A good actor can be anything, that’s his job. But, a good character is always unique.